Vision and Mission

The CFEWS Vision

Capacities are enhanced for detecting, monitoring, analyzing and forecasting flood hazards

The flood early warning information communication/ dissemination platform is expanded and useful to more communities, municipalities and government agencies

Coordination and management of floods at the community and national levels are enhanced

Improved emergency response capacities during a crisis.

Launch of C.F.E.W.S. at Diego Martin

The CFEWS Mission

To strengthen community and national capacities for generating impact-based flood early warning to allow for the effective planning and execution of early actions by establishing additional flood monitoring systems in seven (7) communities (5 in Trinidad and 2 in Tobago)

Launch of C.F.E.W.S. at Bacolet, Tobago.


View Training and Education Specialist Franchesca Peters, as well as Planning and Development Officer Anwar Baksh, both of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) as they appeared on the “In Depth with Dike Rostant” morning TV show on June 24 2022


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